draw your dreams and goals to you at unfathomable speed. even if you're not sure what they are yet!

Timescaping is my way of collapsing timelines and building momentum so your dreams and goals come to you.

Timescaping is for you if:

  • you feel stuck and not sure what you want
  • you have really big dreams and are unclear how to make them happen
  • you have really big dreams and you want them FAST!  

In a timescaping session, you will give a name to your ultimate dreams and goals, with the freedom to actively imagine through a stream of consciousness.

Senses are engaged.

Timelines are collapsed.

A new energy center is activated.

The session reveals exact action steps to begin taking immediately to merge timelines


Timescaping is incredibly powerful on its own, and can be amplified with a mindscaping session. 

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