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désirée eckert

hypnotist // dream guide // hypnosis trainer

I guide clients on a path to clearing what holds them back and aligning with their higher self through hypnosis, so they can conjure the life they desire.

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Hypnosis is trance. Trances are natural states of consciousness that we pass through constantly during the course of our day, as well as in meditation.

A hypnotic state can be a springboard to massive change and healing. As such, I use it as a gateway to and interwoven with other offerings aside from traditional hypnosis, such as dreamwork, crystal healing, past life exploration, chakra balancing and Akashic Records readings.

I offer hypnotic guidance to improve overall wellness, eliminate unwanted habits, increase motivation and productivity, gain confidence, lose weight, stop smoking, relieve stress, overcome fears and phobias, help you love yourself, and so much more.

We can use hypnosis to transform your relationship to your past, freeing you from the limiting programming your subconscious developed in an effort to protect you. When those ties are severed, your potential is limitless and you are automatically in closer relationship with your higher self, manifesting in the ability to be clearly guided by your own intuition.


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Though it can certainly feel like magic, there are no mysteries here.

Each and every client is trained in self-hypnosis so they leave holding the key to their own continued success, along with a basic understanding of the subconscious mind and a few key principles of neuroscience; why and how this works.

Please explore my site to find information about hypnosis and the services that I offer, and use the contact form communicate with me about your issue even if it is not mentioned on the site. Hypnosis is custom designed around you and your goals, so anything is possible, and everything is possible!


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Tools For Dreamers

This little workshop teaches 5 fundamental tools to create an intentional dream practice. If you follow these steps, you will sleep deeply and remember your dreams more clearly. If you already have a dream practice, these steps will greatly enhance it.

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Holistic Manifestation *with brain science!

This course teaches you a specific method to manifestation by working with your own biochemistry. It includes how to write your goals, how to imagine them, ways to spike brain chemicals, and a hypnosis audio to integrate it all.

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Dreaming Deeper

A four-week journey in the depths of your dreams.

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