"It truly felt like unlocking magic that was always there waiting for me, and Desiree just handed me the key!"


🖤 this quote encapsulates who I strive to be for my clients  🖤

discover some of the ways we can work together to make your life easier + dreamier!

Hypnosis is a bespoke experience tailored for you and your goals. If you don't see your area of interest here, schedule a free discovery session so we can explore working together.

With hypnosis, anything is possible and everything is possible!



mindscaping is a road opener. These sessions are a fast and fascinating way to access your inner landscapes, easily overcoming fears, blocks and limitations, or mapping your way to attain goals and dreams.

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past lives + other lives:

exploring other lives allows you to glean insight and mine resources from points along your soul's journey. They are healing experiences that can be used to resolve fears and phobias, relationship patterns, or to access latent talents and skills.

explore other lives


Do you have big dreams and goals that feel far off? Or do you just feel stuck? We can fix that! This session uncovers your truest dreams and visions and collapses their timeline, as you discover the exact steps to begin taking immediately to make them real. It's a major momentum-generator!

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dream stratagem:

My signature offering is a 4-session time capsule that catapults you onto a new timeline within the span of a month using hypnosis, neuroscience and quantum physics. Get your new reality here.

your quantum shift awaits

stop smoking:

Are you ready to stop smoking now, forever? These sessions will empower and equip you for the next phase of your life as you regain control and autonomy. This is going to be awesome. Click the button to learn more, because the time has come to be free!

stop smoking now

cord cutting:

set yourself free from a person, pattern, or time in your life. Invoke your higher self to work on your behalf in this powerful hypnosis session that ripples through time and space to bring you healing now. 

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new client journey:

Want to change a habit, sleep better, enhance performance, overcome anxiety or phobia, help resolve chronic pain or allergies? We begin with two sessions to measure progress and proceed according to your unique experience and needs. 

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