Come meet
the ghosts of your soul

Visit other lives to obtain healing and resolution to things like:

unwanted habits
repeating patterns
relationship dynamics

or to uncover latent talents and skills from points along your soul's journey. 

These sessions can put into perspective many aspects of the self.

What is really cool is...

You don’t even need to believe in reincarnation to explore other lives!

That’s right.

When you set the intention to gain clarity or insight from your subconscious mind,
it will deliver what you seek through
powerful metaphors, like a hypnotic dream.


So while past life regressions and explorations have several times led my clients to research and find evidence of a prior incarnation...

you can rest assured that your subconscious will use the
opportunity to give you an experience that will change your life
whether or not it was based on a previous one. 

For this reason, I call these "OTHER LIVES"

Based in history or not, these experiences are real, and have far-reaching implications in the best possible way.  


Occasionally, a second session will be desired, and once in a blue moon, it's necessary to get all the information and healing.

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