Imagine being able to...



The next training happens in October as the veil thins.

Your official graduation date will be ūüēĮ October 31st ūüéÉ



Saturday + Sunday October 7-8
Saturday + Sunday October 14-15

‚ėÄÔłŹ 10am-1pm PT
ūüóĹ 1pm-4pm ET
ūüá¨ūüáß 6pm-9pm UK


  • We'll come together¬†two weekends in October¬†for learning, demos, and discussion.

  • You'll have self-paced work to complete during the¬†weeks following¬†the live sessions.

  • Then,¬†practice on your own time¬†with other students, friends,¬†or¬†current clients until October 31.¬†

Upon completion of the above and a final exam...

You'll be a Certified Professional Hypnotist by 10/31!

[This is a 100-hour training]

"Incorporating hypnosis into my practice
has resulted in huge, profound shifts¬†for clients‚Äď
they're suddenly more open to ideas,
ways of healing,
and how to move forward. 

I came to this training already having taken a
graduate course in neuroscience as well as
many years of clinical practice,
and I learned a lot."

‚ÄďKimiko Murakami
Therapist/Social Worker
Spring 2022 Graduate

The journey begins as soon as you sign up!

When you sign up, you'll be granted immediate access to my DIY HYPNOSIS training to experience before the course starts...
so you can learn the basics of self-hypnosis at your leisure ahead of our first class.


Your experiential training includes...


  • Self-hypnosis:  
    You'll be equipped to teach individuals self-hypnosis and lead self-hypnosis workshopsYou'll learn how to describe and explain hypnosis in a way that deeply resonates with your clients, based on your personal relationship with it. 

  • The Curious Crossroads:
    Discover the fascinating intersection where old-school hypnosis, metaphysical practices, neuroscience, and quantum physics converge!

  • Neuroscience of Memory:
    Learn why memory is faulty, so we might as well make it good with hypnosis! Gain a modern understanding of how memory works, and how to use it as a resource and a tool for change. 

  • Medicine of the Mind:
    What's the placebo effect without a placebo? Just the incredible power of the mind. Learn the mind-blowing research currently happening in this field and its implications for hypnosis, as well as everything else you offer your clients.

  • Sensory Manipulation:
    Learn how to access and manipulate sensory information like sight, hearing, touch in a completely creative and intuitive way during hypnosis to generate neurological-level change and healing.
  • The Anatomy of Emotion:
    Understand the components that make up feelings and emotions through the lens of neuroscience, so you and your clients can actually move through them much more quickly than you might imagine

  • Ritual Tools:
    Give your clients evidence-based self-hypnotic rituals to practice that act as tools to support your session work. 

This training culminates in your certification as
Professional Hypnotist
with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnosis

Your first year membership dues [$47] are taken care of on your behalf.


Hi, I'm Désirée


It was love at first trance!

I¬†began studying hypnosis¬†soon after my first session back in 2015 ‚Äď I was hooked! I immediately recognized the hypnotic state as a very familiar place... one which I would routinely access in my meditation, reiki, and magickal practices.¬†

I started leading group events and seeing clients part time in NYC in 2017.  
As of 2020, I went full-time working remotely.

Having taken several highly-regarded hypnosis trainings, one thing I've noticed that is missing from any curriculum is the emerging research in neuroscience - how the brain actually changes. Another thing is that healers are often written off as "woo" in such circles, and it's time for that to change.

I've made it my mission to carve out a space for people like us in the realm of professional hypnosis. In 2023, my talks on spiritual topics sold out at conferences, including the largest hypnosis conference in the world. Those who taught me now learn from me. Spiritual perspectives in hypnosis are needed and wanted. I foresee witches and healers standing alongside me, among a network of allies I've built for us from within.

With my multifaceted background and experience in person, online, and in groups, I'm well equipped to teach healers and guides the shapeshifting tool of hypnosis!

So, I've created this
future-focused hypnosis training to share with you... 

Let's co-create a beautiful hypnotic future together.

You get these awesome extras when you join this training: 


  • A course manual, snail-mailed to your house!¬† [$49 value]
    I'm sending you some mail! I created a beautiful printed manual to enhance your learning experience and give you something tangible to refer back to, highlight and take notes in the margin. Because there's nothing like the feeling of turning a page!

  • Your ICBCH Membership paid for! [$47 value]
    I'll take care of your first year of membership. Upon graduation, you'll be granted access to the full ICBCH Practitioner library of training materials, videos, and digital books.
  • Access to additional deep-dive trainings!¬†¬†[$294 value]
    Receive early access to Ammonite Collective, which will become an ongoing mentorship community. You'll get recordings of deep-dives into specific topics and protocols that go beyond basic hypnosis, with myself and Guest Teachers on topics including Intuitive metaphor crafting with Matt Dickson, Lead Generation with Caroline Dawe, and Group Hypnosis with me

  • BONUS¬†LIVE training by Hypnotist¬†David Ruby on Evidence-based Hypnosis¬†¬†[$297 value]
    Date TBA: David Ruby is a former medical librarian who will teach us how to find quality research articles that support our practice. There will be time for open discussion! Will be recorded, too. So excited.

  • Become part of something BIGGER!¬† ¬†[priceless!]
    You get ongoing access to your resources online and the ability to join future trainings. Three generations of hypnotists graduated from this training before you, and I'm proud to say a few of them come back to lead group practice sessions. You are welcome to do the same. We are building a community where we can all learn from each other! 

  • More bonuses will be announced!¬†¬†
International Hypnosis Association

Endorsed by the ICBCH and IHA

Both The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnosis (ICBCH) and the International Hypnosis Association (IHA) have reviewed this curriculum. IHA members are committed to fulfilling the need for a higher standard of ethics, knowledge, and competency around the world. Since many countries have no regulation or minimum standards for practitioners, the IHA is dedicated to helping provide practitioners who can be trusted to do their jobs well. I didn't pay to have this course approved, theirs is an independent review in an effort to maintain higher standards of hypnosis trainings. 

Membership with the ICBCH is included in completion of this training. An IHA membership is optional and you'll be able to join if you want to. 

This training is open to everyone!

However there are some important tasks to complete before the training begins: 

  • You must complete a 1-hour training, DIY Hypnosis, which you'll gain immediate access to as soon as you sign up.

  • There are several videos and podcasts to check out before our first session.

  • For ICBCH Certification, you'll need to submit ID and an application.

ALSO: Let's have a zoom chat before we start so we can be sure this is the training for you!

Book your call here :


Payment Options:

For your convenience, there are 3 payment options. Book a call or send me a message if you need different accommodation. ūüėä

Hypnosis Certification Early ūüź¶ Price


What you get...

  • 4 group lessons,¬†live and experiential online
  • a printed manual, snail-mailed to your house!¬†
  • a¬†digital portal¬†with replays and resources to access anytime
  • an app¬†for your phone¬†for ultra-convenient access to the course
  • a compendium¬†of inductions, scripts, and protocols
  • printed certificates,¬†snail-mailed to you¬†from me and the ICBCH
  • digital reference¬†library¬†of protocols,¬†digital textbooks, and research articles
  • your first year¬†membership¬†dues to the ICBCH¬†[$47 value]
  • Beyond-basic training videos [$294 value]
  • Metaphorical Mesmerism Bonus Training with Matt Dickson [$297 value]
  • LIVE¬†Researching Hypnosis Bonus Training with David Ruby! Date: TBA

Option 2:

Pay in 6 monthly payments of $488

Pay over time with 6 monthly payments of $488 USD


Option 3:

Pay in 12 micro-payments of $244

Pay over time with 12 monthly payments of $244 USD


You'll be Certified with the ICBCH!

The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a progressive organization that was created to set international standards of excellence in hypnosis, and to promote hypnosis and related fields of social science. Our broadest goals are to insure quality hypnosis training and to help enhance the standing of hypnosis in the public eye. 

The training you are signing up for is based on a curriculum created by me, Désirée Eckert, and approved by the ICBCH. In addition to the training materials I supply you with, upon successful completion of the course, you will also receive a valuable package from the ICBCH of digital textbooks, a video resource library, and a certificate suitable for framing.

And... this round is on me!

Your first year's membership to the ICBCH are included in the cost of the training. ūüíö