Experience your quantum glitch in 4 weekly sessions


dream stratagem: a scheme to outwit time and/or reality

Do you have BIG DREAMS?

Imagine the feeling of REALLY KNOWING that

the constraints of time and "reality" don't apply. 

Imagine feeling that truth in your bones.

What would it be like to live in the future now? 

Soon you'll know.

Collapse timelines.

Biohack your reality.

Alter your trajectory in one month.  


This step-by-step process encompasses 
the most powerful tools and protocols I have used to
 manifest "impossible" dreams
in illogical timespans
for myself and my clients.

Your 4 weekly sessions include:

  • hypnotic processes to clear blocks
  • brain science-backed techniques to work with your subconscious mind towards any goal
  • methods for creating an inviting ecosystem for your dreams so you can live in the future now
  • biohacking for the holistic manifestation of your dreams
  • activation of a dormant energy center 
  • hypnosis audios to keep your dreams alive after the sessions

EVEN IF... you have no clue what you want. That will become abundantly clear in your very first session. 



In this session you will begin inching your dreams closer... even if you're not sure what they are yet.

You'll first uncover your ultimate dreams and goals by taking time out of the equation, then discover clear-cut action steps you can take towards them starting immediately, cast a timeline and then 
collapse it, building momentum for effortless attainment. You'll leave with a plan towards your dreams that you can implement immediately. 

You'll also awaken an energy center in your body that will become your guide.

BONUS: Unlocking Potential hypnosis audio to realize your limitless nature



Here you will get your subconscious map of the territory, clear obstacles and blocks, and collaborate with the subconscious to expect and effect change immediately.

This session creates the perfect ecosystem in which your dreams can flourish and thrive.

BONUS: Innate Answers hypnosis audio to attune to your body's yes/no response



In a quantum jumping hypnosis journey, you will enmesh and immerse yourself into your dreams and desires to really experience what they feel like.

This is quantum entanglement.

This session is magic that speaks to the universe and allows you to live FROM the future in the present. 

BONUS: Channel 3 hypnosis audio to reawaken childlike imagination and dial up intuition



This session is your magic toolbox, where you learn neuroscience-based techniques to alter your reality, and how to maintain this reality or create new ones. 

BONUS: Floating Feeling hypnosis audio to relax and release the last vestiges of what no longer serves your new reality


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As Désirée led me through hypnosis each week
to visualize my life's desires, they
immediately impacted my subconscious, and almost automatically I started behaving in alignment with my desires.

Dream Stratagem is an antidote to many of the mental and emotional challenges we are experiencing today. I highly recommend gifting yourself this experience.


– Lindsay Mann
akashic records reader and medium

In the Timescaping session,
I found things within myself I did not know were there,
and was able to see a version of my future that I love, without cloudiness or self-judgement. 

Désirée has an incredible gift of finding the right words to unlock a deeper knowing that comes from within. I highly recommend working with her.

–Craig Mackay
hypnotist and coach



your quantum glitch includes:

  • 4 weekly, one-on-one hypnosis sessions

  • 4 weekly hypnosis audios to use between sessions to support the process, and to enjoy beyond

  • witness of your ideal timeline collapsing into a fraction of its length

  • neuroscience-based techniques to build your reality 

  • awakening a dormant energy center that allows for easy manifestation
  • Cosmic healing and block-clearing