Imagine finally being free... of a person, pattern, or period in your life.

Hypnotic cord cutting hits different because cords aren't just energetic - they manifest on the physical plane in your brain as neural pathways.


In working with the physical, mental, and energetic planes,

you experience deep healing and resolution that spans spacetime.


So you can move freely along your desired path.


This process was created based on an experience I had in hypnosis, which was so surprising and cathartic that I had to create a protocol for you to experience as well. 

My Hypnotic Cord Cutting protocol has now been used by countless hypnotists all over the world to facilitate incredible healings for their clients. 

"This is one of the most beautifully healing experiences I've ever had." 

- Lori Hammond


"You guided me through the most beautiful and powerful experience... I felt relief and peace."

- Sylwia

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