🎧 the weekly microdose of hypnosis ™️

microdosing hypnosis™️ is for people short on time + attention. 


Start amassing your archive of hypnotic healing + transformation now!

What's a microdose of hypnosis? 

microdoses are short, lo-fi hypnotic voice notes for your subconscious mind that I drop every week...  each less than 13 minutes long, so you can always fit hypnosis into your day and life! 

But... why microdose hypnosis?

Because microdosing hypnosis is a hyper-sustainable habit! Microdosing Hypnosis shares the very same principles underlying microdosing psychedelics: to attain a myriad of holistic benefits to your day-to-day and overall life experience, without drastically altering your state. 

BONUS⁑ microdoses teach you life skills that extend far beyond your micro-hypnosis sessions! 

The benefits of microdosing hypnosis are supported by science!

Your hypnotic microdoses are proven to:

  • immediately calm your nervous system
  • rewire the brain to become calm more quickly
  • enhance mental clarity and focus
  • relieve stress
  • improve memory retention
  • increase sleep quality

AND! You'll experience increased energy levels afterwards if you take your microdose mid-day! 

...in 13 minutes or less! 

your microdoses all live in a digital archive nicknamed "the despensary".

There are already over 100 tracks in there, including macrodoses (longer tracks with background music and binaural beats)!

You're about to get access to countless tracks in different categories such as...

  • stress + anxiety relief
  • gratitude
  • pain control
  • shielding + protection
  • manifestation + alchemy
  • healing
  • new habits
  • grounding + stillness
  • trips + journeys
  • and many more! 

The despensary also includes written guides, playlists, and video class recordings!


As a member, you get:

  • a new hypnosis audio dropped to your inbox each week
  • 24/7 access to the full archive of tracks on any device, anywhere, even without wifi
  • a searchable archive with app access!
  • the opportunity to submit requests so I craft microdoses with you in mind
  • hypnosis that fits into your day, everyday!
  • a selection of live class replays!
  • themed seasonal playlists!
  • discounts on other offerings!
  • periodic community sessions and replays!

This is a monthly subscription. You may cancel at anytime.

🗝 Upon sign up you'll get a welcome email with all the details.

GL⭐️WING reviews from happy microdosers:

I'm hooked and look forward to new micro- (and macro-) doses every month! The guided visualizations are so creative, relaxation is built right in, and I notice fun connections and synchronicities in waking life more and more often.

- Nancy

The despensary is such an amazing resource to have at my fingertips–no matter what kind of energetic support or hypnotic experience I'm looking for, Désirée has a track in there that will help. Even if all I need is a mid-day pick-me-up or a fun experience, it's in the despensary! I love that I can access microdoses on the go and have been using them on my lunch break which has made a huge difference in my work days.

- Marta

Désirée's voice is like silk, if silk had a sound.

– Liz

I love receiving my weekly microdose of hypnosis from Désirée. She has a unique ability to blend the scientific with the esoteric to do mesmerizing and mind-expanding trancework!

– Jeff

I freaking love these. I feel like I'm getting a little surprise gift every time these emails come through.

– Lori

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