Nocturnal RESET πŸŒ™ self-hypnosis to sleep sound + dream profound

Do you dream of restful, restorative sleep?

Want to ✨glean insight✨ from your dreams (or even just start dreaming)?


If you sleep – or want to – this workshop is for you.

I'll share most essential + flexible principles that allow for a COMPLETE RESET of your nighttime world!

Experience same-day results!  

Nocturnal Reset will enable you to... 

  • Completely shift your mindset around sleep
    See sleep and dreams from an entirely new perspective and re-direct your subconscious mind to the TRUE PURPOSE of sleep.

  • Craft your own rituals
    Choose rituals that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle to support sleep, your circadian rhythm, and dreams.

  • Casually make the acquaintance of a Greek God 
    Enter hypnosis to invoke Hypnos, God of Sleep, and request his benevolent intervention in all your sleep-and hypnosis-related affairs. 
  • BONUSESπŸ’­πŸ’€
    A surprise trio of hypnosis tracks to support relaxation, sleep, and dreams. 


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Other important info:

  • 🎟 There is no barrier to entry, but if you can pay, it is appreciated, especially if you intend to share what you learn with your clients.
  • 😊 There are no refunds for donation-based events. 
  • πŸ’š Members of the weekly microdose of hypnosis are encouraged to sign up with no obligation to pay - this recording will be archived in your Hypnotic Despensary. 

Pay what you can, if you can. Suggested: $13-33 USD.