Thinning the veil of the mind ✨ ⁑FREE⁑ workshop!

Did you know...

there is a veil...
which acts as a barrier,

separating you from a wealth of subconscious wisdom?

Hypnosis naturally thins that veil. 


Explore self-hypnotic rituals and techniques to

 enhance intuition

empower manifestations,

amplify spellwork,

and thin the veil on demand.


🔎 What we'll (un)cover in this class... 

  • the most reliable methods to gain direct access to your subconscious mind

    Learn the practices that naturally thin the veil and grant you access to more of your mind + the universe.

  • pinpoint the happenstance hypnosis you already experience

    Discover the natural trances hidden within your mundane experience, and find out how to leverage these liminal mindstates for manifestation!

  • mindblowing, experiential hypnotic phenomena! 

    Hypnotic anesthesia, anyone? JK... kinda. I'll demonstrate optical illusions and cool hypno-trickery that give you a reliable gateway into higher states of consciousness.
  • ✰ BONUS ✰ resources!

    A micro playlist of curated hypnosis tracks to support your subconscious sojourns! 

🕰 WHEN + WHERE... 

  • Thursday, March 28th

    This hour-long class happens at:
    🌊 5pm PT
    🗽 8pm ET

    🌏 UK/EU/AUS CLICK HERE to find out when it happens in your local time due to Daylight Savings time having different dates globally! Just entire your time zone in the box on the right.
  • LIVE on Zoom (will be recorded)

    Definitely be there live if you can for the Q&A afterparty that wont be recorded. 

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Other important info:

  • 🎥 Replay will be sent out within 48 hours of the live event.
  • 🎧 Bonus hypnosis tracks will be sent with the replay.
  • 🎟 Come one, come all! There is no barrier to entry, no need to pay, but you can drop a donation if you want! 
  • 😊 There are no refunds for donations.  
  • 👯‍♀️ invite your friends! Promise it'll be fun! 

It's free! 💚 But you can leave a donation if you wanna!