CUT ✂️ CORDS from 2023

Choose-your-price hypnosis ritual-on-demand!

Cut ties with 2023's low points and BS,
and thread the needle of 2024
with the sturdy threads of your past success!

Cut cords, tie up loose ends, get your energy field CLEAR to make space for ✨magic✨ in the weave of 2024.


♥️ Suggested price: $33. 

♥️ This is a 3-part hypnosis ritual (with bonuses) that you can do at your own pace! You can spread it out over the coming days/weeks, repeat it as much as you want or need, or do it all in one shot! 

♥️ First, you'll do a short hypnosis exercise to become aware of a cord which directly connects you to your own personal source of unconditional love.

♥️ After that, I'll guide you in a 30-minute video to cut the cords that want to be severed from 2023, AND to create intentions to weave upon the empty loom of 2024 with all of your past success.

♥️ Then, I share an oracle insight + optional ritual to inform the days after cord cutting to fully integrate it all. 

♥️ You also receive two (2) BONUS hypnosis tracks to support you moving forward.

♥️ As soon as you sign up, you'll receive an email with the 🔗 link 🔗 to everything in one place! 

No refunds available for this. ♥️

Choose your price! Suggested: $33

For additional support:

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