Hypnosis... but make it fashion.

Do you get dressed every morning?

Do you put your pants on one leg at a time like most humanoids?

What if this mundane act could make you...

...show up with confidence?

...motivated to exercise?

...open to connecting with others?

...finally have the nerve to wear that thing you bought but never wore because you think you can't pull it off?!

Turn the everyday act of getting dressed into a powerful self-hypnosis ritual.

As a professional tailor-turned-hypnotist, I know how feeling good in your clothes can make you feel good in your body...

and how feeling good in your body can make you behave in different ways... acting and living in alignment with your goals.

Getting dressed IS self-hypnosis. 

Discover how your closet is a trove of untapped tools for transformation!

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$47.00 USD