Hypnotic Sleep Ritual Kit

Do you dream of restful sleep?
This sleep ritual kit has everything you need to transform your nighttime routine...

so you can experience a smooth and steady descent into restful sleep... and dream transformative dreams.

Your sleep ritual kit includes:

  • a beautiful handmade sachet, in dreamy malachite print fabric, filled with relaxing herbs and flowers: lavender, chamomile, hops, and rose petals 

  • a padded crystal pocket, to hold a crystal or your dream intentions safely and securely throughout the night

  • a dreamy sleep hypnosis track, Fall into Dreams, that conjures cozy, autumnal feelings to lull you into a sound sleep [$29 value]

  • a printed guide to self-hypnotic rituals for sleep + dreams, including rituals to calm your mind before sleep, to program dreams, and crystal suggestions for different outcomes

  • BONUS hypnosis audio, Endings are Beginnings, an experience in hypnotic alchemy

🎁 Makes a great gift!

Sachet is approximately 3.5" square and filled with food-grade herbs and flowers.

No crystals included! They're just there to show off the fantastic crystal pocket. Use any crystals you want! 

Shipping cost included in price. Only able to ship these to the continental US, sorry! 

If you wish to send it as a gift, be sure to use the shipping address of the recipient and include their name. 

$ 39 – shipping included! [USA only]

💰 Get IMMEDIATE access to a hypnosis track that will allow abundance in all forms to flourish in your life!