Soundtrack as Spellcraft

A 90-minute hypnotic workshop that lets you turn your favorite songs into spells, so you can manifest your desires without knowing HOW, and put your dreams on autoplay!

You will discover:

  • how to turn your favorite songs into self-hypnosis spells to access hidden parts of yourself...

    that can accomplish your biggest goals on your behalf.

  • why sound is one of the most direct ways to speak to the subconscious... and to spirit...

    so you can create desired changes with support from within AND without.

  • that you can bypass vision boards, visualizations, and rituals, and STILL manifest your dreams...

    even if you lack clarity about what that "looks like" or wonder HOW

Who this is for:

  • If you love music, get ready to learn the spellbinding science of sound + the subconscious...

    so you can be the DJ of your life.

  • if you don't have time to pursue your dreams, find out how to put them on autoplay... 

    so they manifest themselves as you go about living.

  • if you are a successful spell-caster who wants a new tool to empower your practice...

    you'll be able seamlesly integrate this into all of your workings, or use it as a short-cut.
 😎 MYSTERY GUEST: A professional tribute artist will share their music-magic!

Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with all the details and immediate, ongoing access to the recording!

$43.00 USD

No refunds available. 💚