the liminal mix :: endings//beginnings

Limited edition hypnosis mixtape! Available only now through January! 

Take a pause within the transition...

work with seasonal energies and embrace the liminal space at the end of a year and the start of a new one.

This mix has tracks to:




and start anew,

instill a sense of hope,

plus neuroscience-based techniques to develop new goals + habits for a new year.

YULE be delighted with this mix of tracks!

I've combed through my vast archives for the most beneficial tracks for transition, transmutation, and developing new habits. 

If you got the thinning veil mix, these are ALL NEW TRACKS. no repeats! 

What you get:

  • ⚫️ 9 hypnosis tracks to download and keep!

    Includes a mix of microdoses (short, lo-fi hypnosis tracks) and macrodoses (longer journeys with background sounds and binaural beats). See the track listing below!

  • ⚫️ a 13-day FREE TRIAL to the weekly microdose of hypnosis

    There were tooooo many tracks I wanted to add to this mix, so... You get immediate, unlimited access to the despensary for 13 whole days to experience allllll the other tracks on offer!

  • ⚫️ choose your own price! 

    9 tracks is the equivalent to 2+ months of membership, making the value of this mix $61.36 at the current membership rate! Suggested price $39. Pay what you feel good paying.



⚫️ SIDE A ⚪️

  1. ENDINGS ARE BEGINNINGS: transmute that which constrains your brilliance into the unlimited, untapped power you were born to wield. You may get Akashic insights within this track. *with music (14:12)
  2. ALCHEMICAL BREATHING: Become aware of your breathing to commune with your subconscious, higher self, the present moment, all timelines and potentials. Listen before sleep, a nap, or anytime you want rest or clarity. (8:54)
  3. UNKNOWN: it's time to let go. Of what? You don't need to know. This track Includes reiki and theta binaural beats floating in a spacey soundscape. (10:58)
  4. THE SNOWGLOBE: Dreamy, deep winter sleep hypnosis to lull you into a space of calm and safety. *MACRODOSE with theta binaural beats (37:00)

⚫️ SIDE B ⚪️

  1. HOPE INFUSIONGenerate a new source of power to shift and change, and give new meaning to an old word. (6:37)
  2. BUNTER TELLER: One of my ancestors wanted to share a holiday tradition and gift with you! (9:01)
  3. STEPPING STONES: change the way you show up in a situation that used to feel challenging or disempowering. Step into a new, improved version of yourself. (8:38)
  4. HABIT CREATION: This research-inspired habit protocol is one of my most-loved tracks and protocols! (9:05)
  5. ENDBEGINNINGS: a healing story within a story at the edge of the Pacific sea. (8:53) 


Your mixtapes arrive in the form of an email with the tracklisting as above, each linked to an MP3 that you can download and/or play in any browser. So you can save them for times when you're offline, but you'll also have handy access to them all in one place in your email! 

Upon purchase, you'll be immediately directed to the weekly microdose of hypnosis membership despensary! You'll also get an email with the full playlist.


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