the thinning veil ๐Ÿ•ธ limited edition hypnosis mix

Available only for the month of October: 

a plethora of hypnosis tracks to thin the veil of your mind and resurrect your powers as a witch! 

I've combed through my vast archives for the most magical, alchemical, beneficially witchy tracks! 

What you get:

  • ๐Ÿ”ฎ 13 hypnosis tracks to download and keep!

    Includes a mix of microdoses (short, lo-fi hypnosis tracks) and macrodoses (longer journeys with background sounds and binaural beats). See track listing below!

  • ๐Ÿ”ฎ a 13-day FREE TRIAL to the weekly microdose of hypnosisโ„ข! 

    There were tooooo many tracks I wanted to add to this mix, so... You get immediate, unlimited access to the despensary for 13 whole days to experience allllll the other tracks on offer!

  • ๐Ÿ”ฎ choose your own price! 

    13 tracks is the equivalent to about 3 months of membership, making the value of this mix $81.81 at the current membership price! Suggested price $39. Pay what you feel good paying.

โœฐ ๐ŸŽƒ



  1. THIS VIEW: re-attune to the most authentic part of yourselfโ€”the eternal, primordial, supertemporal, indestructible, unending one. Ya know... that old thing. Enjoy the view. (5:55) 
  2. SAMHAIN: journey to reconnect with your higher self (7:19)
  3. CUP RITUALStart your day with magic and your favorite beverage. (8:40)
  4. ASTRAL ANCESTRY: Ancestors are not relegated to blood lineage. Request to connect with a benevolent ancestor from anywhere across the multiverse by creating an intentional altar in your mind. (7:16)
  5. CLAIRAUDIENCE AMPLIFIER: simple exercises to develop your clairaudient sense - the intuitive sense of hearing. (12:12)
  6. CLAIRVOYANCE AMPLIFIER: a sequence of exercises to develop clairvoyance by imaginatively playing with visuals in the mind. (10:52)
  7. WITCH HOUSE: reawaken your powers as an alchemist and heal parts of your past, replete with a healer-witch and friendly ghosts. MACRODOSE *with music (25:00) 


  1. COSMIC NETWORKING: invite benevolent cosmic intervention to align you with the people, places, and opportunities that can bring your visions to fruition! (9:19)
  2. CRYSTAL ORACLE #1: Three crystals, randomly drawn, arrive with insights and energies for you in this microdose! (9:00)
  3. PSYCHO: befriend a horror movie villain and take them on as your protector! It works like magic to keep people AWAY. (4:06)
  4. DREAM ORACLE: establish an enhanced two-way communication system with your subconscious and set the parameters for upcoming dreams.  (10:11)
  5. FIRE BREATHING: drift into sleep (or a nap) by a fire in your mind *with music (10:56) 
  6. FALL INTO DREAMS: sleep hypnosis track to conjure up cozy fall feelings and lull you into sound, restful sleep where you dream transformative dreams. Legend has it that most don't make it past the first 5 minutes! MACRODOSE *with music (25:00)


Your mixtapes arrive in the form of an email with the tracklisting as above, each linked to an MP3 that you can download and/or play in any browser. So you can save them for times when you're offline, but you'll also have handy access to them all in one place in your email! 

Upon purchase, you'll also be granted access to the weekly microdose of hypnosis membership! You'll get an email with all the details.


$13.13 USD or more