Pay what you want: Self-Hypnosis for Self-Care and Support

What if you could actually practice self-care and rewire your brain DURING moments of overwhelm and stress?

Well... you can.

And that's what I teach you in this workshop!

In this workshop you will learn an array of self-hypnosis techniques that you can use in real-time, real-life situations to immediately feel a sense of relief and peace in the face of any stressor. 

Then, you'll experience hypnosis to gather resources that strengthen your mind and spirit.

This workshop includes:

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the recording of the live workshop, recorded at a Witch Shop in California brimming with positive energies and magical vibes
  • ONGOING ACCESS to come back to anytime!
  • 5 page printable, illustrated summary of all the techniques to refer back to
  • BONUS hypnosis track: BUBBLE WRAP, that opens you to receiving care and support from others 

Recording is 1hour 15 minutes long. Upon sign up you will receive a confirmation email with alllll the details and immediate + ongoing access to the recording!

name your price!

No refunds available. 💚